Morgan Paris
Med Spa

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Beautiful skin is tailor-made with methods suited to the needs and desires of each Guest.  At Morgan Paris all of our facial therapies are adapted to skin type, age & overall condition.  Your skin is most beautiful when it's

healthy.  We believe that by focusing on restoration, nourishment & damage prevention,

outward radiance naturally flows.

Custom-Tailored Avant Garde Facials 

(based on your specific skin concern(s) & skin condition(s)

a variety of products will be used

Custom-Tailored Avant Garde Teenage Facials

Targeted & relaxing facial that is both effective & educational

What is a Body & or Back Treatment & What Are The Benefits?
Body & or back treatments go back to ancient times starting with milk baths to soften the skin of Cleopatra. Also water therapies using sea water long revered for its high mineral content & therapeutic value in healing & alleviating ailments like arthritis & skin conditions.

Morgan Paris utilizes ingredients derived from the sea including sea salts & sugars, black sand, marine algae, seaweeds, & plants providing valuable nutrients which are easily utilized by our bodies.  Studies conducted have found that the chemical composition of sea water is identical to the chemical makeup of the water found in our own bodies.  Therefore, it is believed that the body easily assimilates these minerals and nutrients to aide in any deficiencies.  It also aides in balancing the body by assisting in elimination of trapped toxins.  
The riches of the sea in our Phytomer products have been captured to revitalize, re-balance & heal the body so indulge in one of our relaxing treatments below.

Luxurious Satin Back Refinement

An old world tradition meets modern technology in this wonderful therapy that will deeply cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate all in the form of a delicate hand applied scrub.  Included is a therapeutic massage to sooth, relax & pamper your most neglected area.

Body Radiance Refinement

This deep exfoliating refinement is a relaxing & healthy indulgence.  A blend of black sand, fine pumice stone & essential oils are massaged into the skin to remove impurities & dead skin cells while stimulating circulation.  This refinement is for anyone who wants smooth & soft skin.