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Studies show that retinoids “are among the most effective substances delaying the process of aging.”  

Vitamin A is the ingredient that does it all—exfoliates, repairs, retextures, rejuvenates. No matter where you are in your skin care journey, vitamin A has something for you.

Vitamin A is a cell signaling agent than stimulates the production of collagen, increasing dermal thickness and improves skin structure and firmness. This plumping of the skin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to stimulating new collagen, vitamin A protects against collagen degradation to delay the onset of wrinkles. Additionally, vitamin A accelerates cell turnover, bringing fresh new cells to the surface faster, fading age spots and Improving texture in the process.

Start early. Start late. Just start.

Use Vitamin A

• In your teens to clear acne and prevent scarring

• In your 20s to clear acne and prevent signs of aging

• In your 30s to maintain collagen and combat photodamage

• In your 40s smooth lines and reduce pigment

• In your 50s and beyond to do it all

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